Pothole Hotline
Over the past several months of this difficult winter, our state roads have taken a beating. The result, of course, is potholes which present a danger to drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists. That’s why I am asking your help to identify problem areas in our community.
If you see a pothole on a state road that you believe is dangerous, please contact my “Pothole Hotline” at 215-674-3755 and report its location. I will then pass this information on to PennDOT so they can schedule a repair.
When you call, there is some helpful information we will ask you for, including the state road name and area (section number found on small, white signs along roadways where available), the direction of travel (eastbound or westbound lane) and any other useful location information you can provide.
I encourage more communication on these issues to help root out potholes before they become problems that cost motorists time, money and inconvenience.