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HARRISBURG -- Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will co-sponsor legislation to create a new Educational Improvement Opportunity Tax Credit program to authorize $50 million in tax credits for businesses that contribute to an Education Improvement Organization that provides grants to school districts with low-achieving schools as a way of improving their academic performance.
HARRISBURG-- Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host a free paper shredding and recycling event to give local residents the opportunity to safely destroy personal paperwork and properly dispose of electronic equipment.
HARRISBURG--Mammograms are a critical tool in protecting women in the fight against cancer. To increase the accessibility of this vital screening, Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host the Fox Chase Cancer Center mobile mammography unit at his district office on April 25.
HARRISBURG—Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host a special informational meeting to outline the strategies and programs available to help parents save for their child’s college education. Attendees will receive tips on 529 plans, education tax breaks, student loans and more.
HARRISBURG-- Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host a panel discussion with Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) designed to educate small business owners, those considering starting a small business, or anyone in the com¬munity interested in learning about the ways all levels of government support and encourage small business initiatives.
HARRISBURG-- The winter weather has been especially hard on our roadways. Montgomery County and Philadelphia are dotted with potholes and other fractures in asphalt and concrete.
HARRISBURG-- Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) has co-sponsored legislation to increase the penalty for those who cause the death of a police animal that is deemed to have been killed in the line of duty.
HARRISBURG -- Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will sponsor legislation to help fight underage drinking.
HARRISBURG--In a move to learn firsthand the challenges faced by local small businesses, Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will volunteer a few hours at a number of local businesses in the 152nd District.
HARRISBURG--Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will co-sponsor legislation to amend the Uniform Firearms Act of 1995 to help law enforcement prosecute felons who attempt to purchase guns.
HARRISBURG-- In a move to stimulate interest in state government, Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) is sponsoring a contest entitled “There Ought to Be a Law.”
HARRISBURG -- Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) has announced that he will hold special outreach office hours in Huntingdon Valley and in Upper Dublin.
HARRISURG-- In a move to better protect children from predators, Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will co-sponsor legislation to prevent any convicted sex offenders who fail to register as an offender from receiving welfare benefits.
HARRISBURG – Legislation that would help fund some of the most critical needs for state residents was unveiled at a press conference in Harrisburg today by a bipartisan group of state lawmakers, led by Reps. Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks) and Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia).
HARRISBURG—Rep. Thomas Murt wants to remind everyone that they can help veterans through the state Veterans’ Trust Fund.