Murt to Seek Additional Reforms to State’s Child Labor Laws
Rep. Thomas Murt listens as Paul Petersen and Jon Gosselin respond to questions from the audience during a public informational forum at Upper Moreland High School on Oct. 30. 
--Rep Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) announced that he will pursue changes to the state’s child labor laws when the House convenes for its new session in January.
Murt, who in 2013 successfully led an effort to reform the state’s child labor laws as they pertained to television and film productions, said more needed to be done.
Specifically, Murt wants an independent child advocate on site of film and TV productions in Pennsylvania that use child actors. Murt would also like background checks for all production staff used when filming children.
Murt made the announcement during a public informational forum at Upper Moreland High School with former child actor Paul Petersen and Jon Gosselin, the father of one of reality TV’s most well-known families.
“Who is looking after the kids” on these productions? Gosselin asked, adding that parents do not always have the best welfare of their kids at heart when money is involved. “I want an independent advocate to step in when the kid does not feel like filming” and the parents insist on it.
“There is a role for the state when the welfare of a child is at stake,” Petersen said.
Gosselin’s eight children were featured in the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” later retitled “Kate Plus 8” when Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced.
Petersen, founder of the child actor advocacy group “A Minor Consideration,” helped craft the state’s new child labor laws, which limits the hours a child can work, requires children under 16 be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, and requires that trust accounts be established for minor actors in which the employer must deposit 15 percent of the child’s gross earnings.
Representative Thomas P. Murt
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