Murt Resolution Honoring Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Passes House
HARRISBURG-A resolution sponsored by Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) to honor the contributions of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Theatrical and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) to the economy of Pennsylvania has passed the House.

“Imagine the movie ‘Rocky’ without the iconic run up the art museum steps in Philadelphia,” Murt said. “The movie ‘Witness’ would not have been as effective without the quaint historic towns of Lancaster that provided the contrast between the old and new. Of course, what really makes ‘Rocky’ and ‘Witness’ so effective is the Oscar nominated performances by Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford, two proud members of the Screen Actors Guild.”

In addition to making our state a magnet for tourism, each film became an economic generator that provided work for some of the state’s 3,000 members of the SAG-AFTRA.

House Resolution 691 designates May 2014 as "SAG-AFTRA Month" to recognize the contributions of members of the union, which merged in 2012. The resolution recognizes the organization's efforts to improve compensation and working conditions for its members, as well as its contributions to the Commonwealth through its work in attracting and expanding media and entertainment industry opportunities.

Murt was joined at a press conference unveiling the resolution by actors David Morse, star of “Treme,” “The Hurt Locker,” and “The Green Mile,” and Melissa Fitzgerald, who was featured in the film “Frequency” and the TV series “The West Wing.”

SAG-AFTRA is the world’s largest entertainment union, comprised of actors, broadcasters, singers, dancers and other creative professionals. Their legacy organizations have a 70-year history in Pennsylvania.

The organization’s work includes negotiating wages, providing health insurance and pensions, and maintaining a safe work environment for everyone from radio DJs, stunt performers, voice-over artists, television performers and thousands of other creative working professionals.

SAG-AFTRA also advocates for radio, television, and film work, helps to craft updated protections for its members, and helps to promote our state as a leading location for professional film and television work, generating millions of dollars in expenditures for Pennsylvania.

In 2010, the unions, then separate entities, helped Murt update the state’s antiquated laws regulating child labor in entertainment.

“I want to thank SAG-AFTRA for working with me to create more stringent protections for child performers who work in the entertainment industry, which I became passionate about after witnessing the treatment of the children who appeared on the non-union reality television show, ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’” Murt said. “My initial legislation, House Bill 1548, evolved into a comprehensive rewrite of Pennsylvania’s child labor laws, which had not been updated in decades.”

House Resolution 961 passed the House by unanimous vote.

Representative Thomas P. Murt
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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