Murt Co-Sponsors Bill to Help Veterans’ Spouses
HARRISBURG--Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) has announced he will co-sponsor legislation to allow the spouse of a disabled veteran to receive an important real estate tax exemption should the veteran become deceased before being deemed fully disabled and eligible.

“It takes the Veterans Administration so long to evaluate whether a person is disabled and should receive benefits that some vets die before a decision is reached,” Murt said. “This means his or her spouse loses the benefits for which they would have been entitled.”

Under current law, veterans who are injured during active duty service and are no longer able to perform their duties are subject to an evaluation period to determine whether they are able to perform any other duties within the military or are deemed to be 100 percent disabled.

Should they die as a result of their injury or disability before this evaluation period is complete, their unmarried spouse does not qualify for the real estate tax exemption they would have otherwise received.

This legislation allows the spouse to receive the tax exemption if the Veterans Administration determines that the veteran would have been deemed 100 percent disabled had he or she survived the entire evaluation period, and if the veteran died as result of the injury or disability.

“Veterans have sacrificed so much for us that it is our obligation to ensure that they and their loved ones receive all the benefit to which they are entitled,” Murt said.

Representative Thomas P. Murt
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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