Murt Praises Passage of Bill to Aid Special Needs Patients
HARRISBURG-- A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) to help special needs patients have an easier experience at the dentist has passed the House.

House Bill 532 would require insurance companies to cover general anesthesia for special needs dental patients for routine care like cleanings, scalings and fillings.

“This is critical as many special needs patients cannot sit calmly during what to the rest of us are common procedures,” Murt said. “Dental care is vital to a person’s health, and we need to do all we can to make sure these patients get such care.”

Murt has long lobbied for this legislation, which has been a priority for the special needs community.

“I worked hard to get this through the House and will work just as hard to see that the Senate passes this as well,” Murt said.

State Representative Thomas Murt
152nd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Rep. Murt’s Office
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