Murt Introduces Bill to Require Insurance Companies to Clearly Outline Coverage for Brain Injury
Rep. Tom Murt argues for the passage of House Bill 2024 during a rally at the Capitol. 
HARRISBURG-- Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) joined representatives from the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania for a rally at the Capitol in support of Murt’s legislation to require health insurance companies to clearly outline what rehabilitative services they cover for brain injuries.

“The key is that individuals who sustain brain injuries must have quick access to expert trauma care, focused rehabilitation, disease management, and support structures in order to live healthy, independent and satisfying lives,” Murt said. “Unfortunately, many families are shocked to discover that their health insurance lacks coverage for these often cutting-edge treatments only after a family member suffers a trauma.”

Murt has introduced House Bill 2024, which would require insurance companies to spell out in clear terms what treatments are covered for brain injury so families are no longer caught by surprised when seeking therapy for an injured parent or child.

Every 21 seconds, a person sustains Traumatic Brain Injury in this country, resulting in 1.4 million new brain injuries each year. Overall, 10 million people are living with brain injuries caused by stroke, trauma, infection and post-surgical complications.

“My bill would also expose the frustrating reality that too few insurance companies offer adequate coverage for the therapies that are transforming lives,” Murt said. “This is a case of knowledge empowering the consumer. This is the least we can do for people who need so much.”

House Bill 2024 has bipartisan support and has been referred to the Committee on Insurance.

State Representative Thomas Murt
152nd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Rep. Murt’s Office
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