Murt Supports Budget Plan to Restore Education Funding

Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) voted with a majority of the House to restore a half-billion in education spending cuts proposed by Gov. Tom Corbett. 

The $27.3 billion House spending plan also reinstated funding for higher education, and did it without raising taxes.   

“This was a difficult vote, but this budget addresses some hard financial realities,” Murt said.  “In the process, we have been able to restore funding to the education programs that prepare our children for the demands of tomorrow.”   

The House Republican proposal dedicates $100 million more than Corbett’s plan for the highly successful Accountability Block Grant program that provides school districts with flexible funding for pre-kindergarten programs, full-day kindergarten, and tutoring programs.  

The House budget plan also redirects an additional $100 million back into the Basic Education Funding line, which is the primary funding stream for all 500 school districts in Pennsylvania. It also gives school districts $43 million to help pay for Social Security contributions.  

The House Republican budget also restores $387 million for higher education. Of that, the budget dedicates $195 million to the 14 state-owned universities that make up the State System of Higher Education. Corbett proposed funding higher education at 47 percent of the current budget level. This budget increases that to 85 percent of the current year’s funding. 

“This will make a major difference for parents who would have faced major tuition increases if the Corbett plan had been implemented,” Murt said. 

The plan now moves to the Senate. 

State Representative Thomas Murt
152nd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Rep. Murt’s Office 

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