Murt Resolution on Battle of Crooked Billet Passes House

A resolution sponsored by Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) acknowledging the importance of the Battle of Crooked Billet has passed the state House. 

In early 1778, as Gen. George Washington bunked his troops in Valley Forge, a 23-year-old Brigadier General named John Lacey was in charge of patrolling the areas today known as Bucks and Montgomery counties to cut off supplies destined for British-controlled Philadelphia.  

On May 1, the British attacked Lacey and his soldiers near the Crooked Billet Tavern, in what today is Hatboro.  Though Lacey lost 20 percent of his men to death, injury or capture, he was back on his post within 48 hours. 

That tenacity protected Washington’s troops and continued to block much-needed supplies from reaching the British. 

“In any struggle, we learn as much from defeat as we do from victory,” Murt said. “The struggle for American independence is riddled with lost battles that tested our resolve, strengthened our character, and culminated in our smashing victory at Yorktown.  One of those key battles occurred on May 1, 1778.” 

While a loss, the American militiamen stayed strong.   

“Lacey was quick to escape deep into Buck County and prevent what certainly would have been a bigger loss,” Murt said.  “It is for this reason that we honor Lacey and the men who fell at the Battle of Crooked Billet.  It is critical that we remember what these men sacrificed, and what they managed to achieve because of that sacrifice.” 

State Representative Thomas Murt
152nd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:   Rep. Murt’s Office 

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