May. 13, 2019

HARRISBURG—Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) will host a panel discussion on the challenges of treating dementia and the struggles families endure caring for loved ones.

“The total lifetime cost of care for someone with dementia is estimated to be about $340,000,” Murt said. “This can put an enormous burden on families, as 41% of dementia caregivers have a household income of $50,000 or less. Thankfully, there are many people and organizations in Pennsylvania who dedicate their lives to helping individuals, families and those suffering from the disease.”

The event will start today, May 13, in the Capitol Media Center in Harrisburg at 10:45 a.m., followed at 11 a.m. by a short film “Million Dollar Mom” by Ross Schriftman about his mother’s struggle with dementia.

This will be followed by a rally in the East Wing Rotunda at noon.

Representative Thomas P. Murt, Ed.D.
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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