Jul. 17, 2020

HARRISBURG—Responding to concerns of Montgomery County parents and teachers, Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) sent a letter to Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera seeking clarification on the state’s COVID-19 mitigation directives for schools.

“School districts across the Commonwealth look to the Department of Education for guidance and informative direction,” Murt wrote. “It has been brought to my attention by superintendents in the 152nd Legislative District that information from the department has been woefully inadequate.”

School districts throughout Pennsylvania are now making plans on how to safely reopen schools in September.

“I want to ensure the plan in place is of great efficiency and effectiveness for the academic enrichment and well-being of our students,” Murt wrote. “I respectfully call upon the department to establish and transmit information relevant to the re-opening of schools in a safe manner for the upcoming school year.”

Representative Thomas P. Murt, Ed.D.
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: David Foster
RepMurt.com / Facebook.com/RepMurt