Jun. 27, 2019

HARRISBURG—Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) supported a state budget bill that increase funding for special needs programs without raising taxes.

“Each year I decide whether to support a budget based on how well it helps those who cannot help themselves,” Murt said. “It’s one thing to pontificate about preserving the social safety net, it’s another to commit the funds needed to sustain the programs making a difference in the lives of those with special needs. This budget, which passed the House with my support, does that.”

The budget spends a total of $33.997 billion, a 1.8% increase over the current fiscal year, in line with the rate of inflation without new taxes, tax increases or additional fees.

The state budget, as passed earlier today, does increase funding for human services as follows:
• An additional $26.3 million for Mental Health Services, which includes funds to provide home and community-based services for 45 individuals currently residing in state hospitals.

• The Intellectual Disabilities-Community Waiver Program will receive an additional $84.8 million, a 5.2% increase, to provide home and community-based care for 865 individuals currently on the emergency waiting list.

• A total of $12 million, a 2% increase effective January 2020, for homecare workers who care for seniors and those with physical disabilities.

“A disability is not insurmountable,” Murt said. “It’s just an obstacle like any other. But it’s up to us to provide the tools so parents can teach their child how to deal with those obstacles without becoming discouraged or overwhelmed. In this budget, we are stepping up and meeting our responsibilities.”

Listen to Murt’s floor remarks on the budget by clicking in the video box below.

Representative Thomas P. Murt, Ed.D.
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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