Murt Announces Winners in ‘There Ought to Be a Law’ Contest
HARRISBURG – Fourth-grade students at the Upper Moreland Intermediate School who argued that school buses should have seatbelts and padding have been named winners in the 2019 “There Ought to Be a Law” contest sponsored by Rep. Thomas Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia).

The winners are Jacob Spaetti, Marin Bell, Sophia Riehle, Keira Hess, Margaret Main, Gracie Costello and Keiley Hawk.

Riehle stated that, “If you have seat belts on the bus, it will prevent kids from getting out of their seats and prevent them from standing. If you have a crash, you won’t slide out of the seat.”

The fifth-grade winner was Declan Kelly from Queen of Angels School who asked for a law that “restaurants give a more detailed description of ingredients in their food.” He also stated that “this law would be helpful because people with allergies can have a lower risk of having an allergic reaction to food” because they know what’s in the food before they order it.

“We held this contest to encourage students to become engaged in their government by thinking about how legislation is born and how proposals become laws,” Murt said.

All the contest winners and their families will be treated to a day in Harrisburg where they will receive a tour of the Capitol hosted by Murt.

Murt received 57 entries from fourth- and fifth-graders from four schools in the 152nd District, including the Crooked Billet Hallowell Learning Community in Horsham, St. Albert the Great School in Huntingdon Valley, the Upper Moreland Intermediate School in Upper Moreland and Queen of Angels in Willow Grove.

The final winners were chosen by an independent three-member panel.

Many subjects were addressed in the law proposals including protecting animals, banning smoking near entrances to public facilities, having the day off from school on your birthday and help for the homeless.

“Well done to all those who participated!” Murt said.

Representative Thomas P. Murt
152nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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