My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Murt Urges Action to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation - 10/6/2015
Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would establish the offense of female genital mutilation in Pennsylvania. House Bill 135 would specifically make it a crime for a parent or family member to cut or allow someone to circumcise or excise the genitals of a female minor. Bill sponsor Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said this legislation addresses a traditional cultural practice performed on female adolescents by immigrants from various parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East during coming-of-age rituals.
Rep. Murt Comments on House Vote to Move Emergency Funding Bill to Governor’s Desk - 9/24/2015
In order to help struggling social services and school districts desperate for their subsidies during the current budget impasse, the Pennsylvania House sent an emergency funding package to the governor’s desk on Thursday. The bill includes approximately $11 Billion which represents funding for 1/3rd of the fiscal year – from July through October. The decision on whether or not to release funding for education and critical services now lies solely with Gov. Wolf, who has vowed to reject the funding in his quest for increased taxation on every Pennsylvanian. Comments are now available from Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery & Philadelphia).
Murt Bill to Help Low-Income Families Move Toward Self-Sustainability - 5/12/2015
A group of House Republican lawmakers voiced their support this week for legislation to reform Pennsylvania’s child care benefit structure by helping families to keep child care assistance, while they work to improve their economic status. Under current law, families who earn more money eventually reach a benefits threshold where even a small increase in income can make them completely ineligible for state assistance, thereby discouraging them from accepting salary increases or additional work hours. Bill sponsor Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said this legislation will help families trying to improve their lives to achieve financial independence.
Rep. Murt Cosponsors Natural Gas Drilling Tax Plan - 2/4/2015
A bipartisan team of lawmakers announced a legislative proposal Wednesday to impose a drilling tax on gas production from wells drilled in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale formation. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said he will cosponsor legislation to institute the gas severance tax with proceeds directed to fund statewide initiatives that would benefit the citizens of the Commonwealth.
Rep. Murt Praises New Tool to Give the Public Greater Access to PA School Budget Data - 1/14/2015
A new online tool was launched Tuesday by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that will give taxpayers a greater ability to review the checkbooks of the state’s 500 public school districts. The expanded revenue and expenditure data is now accessible online through the department’s School Performance Profile website and incorporates many components of SchoolWATCH legislation sponsored by Rep. Jim Christiana (R-Beaver) that was approved by the state House last term. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said he feels the public deserves to see increased accountability and transparency in school district financial data.
Rep. Murt Comments on Inauguration, Priorities in Upcoming Session - 1/7/2015
Recently re-elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly gathered on Tuesday in the state capitol to take the oath of office and to begin reorganizing the state’s legislative branch. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery, Philadelphia) said that the legislature is getting a fresh start and he is eager to get to work on solving the issues facing the Commonwealth.
Rep. Murt Says Name Change to ‘Department Human Services’ Long Overdue - 11/24/2014
The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare announced its official name change to the Department of Human Services Monday in Harrisburg. Prime sponsor of the legislation that enabled the change, Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said the new name is long overdue and more accurately reflects the wide variety of crucial services the department provides for Pennsylvania citizens. Mike Davies reports... bite and full story available.
Rep. Murt Comments on Passage of His Bill to Rename the Department of Public Welfare - 9/18/2014
Legislation that would change the name of the Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services has been passed by the Pennsylvania House and now awaits the Governor’s Signature. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) comments on the passage of his House Bill 993.
Rep. Murt Comments on Proposal to Remove Statute of Limitations for Adult Victims of Past Child Sexual Abuse - 4/30/2014
Legislation that would permanently remove the civil and criminal statute of limitations for cases involving child sexual abuse and removes the immunity defense for public officials and institutions has been introduced in Harrisburg. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery), a co-sponsor of House Bill 2067, said he supports this proposal to bring some sense of fairness and justice for adults who were victims of child sexual abuse. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand alone bite available.
Rep. Murt Comments on Proposal to Increase Education Funding - 1/29/2014
Legislation designed to redirect funding currently earmarked for race horse development to school districts that receive less than the average amount of state financial support is currently being developed in Harrisburg. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said he supports this proposal to bring some fairness to those school districts that are hurt by the Commonwealth’s inequitable education funding formula. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand alone bite available.