My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Rep. Murt Comments on Governor's Budget Proposals - 2/5/2019
Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled his 2019-2020 state budget proposal on Tuesday in Harrisburg. The $34 billion spending plan represents a nearly 1 billion dollar increase in state spending over last year. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery & Philadelphia) said he was pleased that the Governor's budget plan contains significant increases for Human Services Programs.
Rep. Murt Comments Following the PA House Swearing-In Ceremony and the Opening of the 2019-20 Legislative Session - 1/1/2019
Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives were sworn in Tuesday in Harrisburg with the members taking the oath of office in the House chamber at noon to officially begin the 2019-20 legislative session. Republicans hold a 110-93 majority in the House with 19 newly elected Republican members. This is the fifth consecutive term that Republicans have retained majority control of the PA House. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia) offered comments on the swearing-in ceremony and opening of the new legislative session.
Rep. Murt Comments on Governor's Budget Address - 2/6/2018
The Governor unveiled his 2018-19 state budget proposal before a joint session of the Pennsylvania House and Senate in Harrisburg on Tuesday. The Governor’s plan calls for $33 Billion in state spending, approximately $1 Billion more than the Commonwealth spent last year.
Murt Comments on His Bill to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation - 1/22/2018
Legislation that would criminalize the act of female genital mutilation received a powerful endorsement from the AHA Foundation in Harrisburg on Monday. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery), prime sponsor of House Bill 413, was joined by lawmakers and advocates of the legislation that would specifically make it a state crime to cut, circumcise, or excise the genitals of a female minor. Murt said Pennsylvania must join the 26 other states that have already outlawed this abhorrent practice. The AHA Foundation was established by Ayaan Hirsi Ali to promote liberty from female genital mutilation, honor violence, and forced marriages.
Rep. Murt Joins Call for Maintaining the Independence of the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs - 1/31/2017
In an effort to ensure more people can be helped to overcome the ravages of addiction, state lawmakers have announced a proposal to maintain and strengthen Pennsylvania’s cabinet-level Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery), a member of the House Human Services Committee spoke Tuesday at capitol press conference and said the burden of providing critical human services is already extremely difficult, without merging the state’s drug and alcohol programs into a large bureaucracy like the state Department of Health, as recently proposed by the Wolf administration.
Murt Urges Action to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation - 4/5/2016
Legislation that would criminalize the act of female genital mutilation in Pennsylvania was the topic of discussion at a press event held in Harrisburg on Tuesday. House Bill 135 would specifically make it a crime for a parent or family member to cut or allow someone to circumcise or excise the genitals of a female minor. Bill sponsor Rep. Tom Murt (R-Montgomery) said this legislation addresses traditional cultural practices performed on female adolescents by immigrants during coming-of-age rituals.